The Ranch

Hawk Ranch is the lifelong dream of an exceptional woman, Mary Lou Hauk. An accomplished business owner, she always dreamed of having a ranch and all that comes with it- the animals, the fresh fruits and vegetables and a place where a person could experience the outdoor life, working the land. Her dream came to fruition when she purchased what is now called Hawk Ranch. Situated at the south end of Murrieta, the ranch is a forty acre parcel. Mary loves to share the ranch! There are four homes on the ranch, two of which are vacation rentals and can be rented by anyone wanting a taste of the ranch. The ranch is home to cattle, horses, alpacas, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, peacocks, dogs and cats! An orchard sits in the middle of the ranch and is abundant with all sorts of fruit. A large garden fills the south end of the ranch and anyone renting or visiting is welcome to partake of the wonderful fruits and veggies grown here. There is also a picturesque pond on the ranch, filled with lots of happy waterfowl! Family and friends gather at the ranch for different affairs and the ranch is shared by all who rent the homes. A 2100 sq.ft. octagonal room can be rented for parties, meetings or family gatherings and Hawk Ranch is the perfect place for an outdoor country wedding! We are a licensed wedding/event facility by the city of Murrieta.

hawk ranch