Embark on a journey around the globe with our farm animal tours, where private groups can delight in interactive, educational experiences with a menagerie of animals from every corner of the world.

Now home to all 15 alpacas from Alpaca Hacienda! Explore our ranch and marvel at a diverse array of animals from around the world. Prepare to be amazed!


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Welcome to The Farm

Come take the Hawk Ranch Farm and Animal Tour located in Murrieta, California, on our stunning 40 acres complete with gorgeous trees, lush green hills, and a beautiful pond. Our farm animal tours are fun for all ages — perfect for family time, school field trips, church groups, and more!

Interactive Farm Animal Tour


Experience the joy of farm life with our unforgettable farm animal tours! Get up close and personal with our friendly animals as you feed and interact with them. From fluffy alpacas to adorable miniature horses, each unique encounter promises a fun and educational experience for the whole group.


Meet animals from all over the world up close and have a blast feeding and interacting with them. Our knowledgeable guides will ensure a safe and enjoyable journey, introducing you to the wonders of farm animals in a hands-on, heartwarming adventure you’ll cherish forever. Come and discover the wonders of our diverse farm animals while having a fantastic time!

pet pigs


Our farm animal tours offer a delightful and educational experience for the young and young-at-heart! Whether you’re a curious kid or a seasoned adult, our interactive tours promise a day filled with laughter, joy, and unforgettable moments. There’s something magical about connecting with these lovable creatures, making this a fun and heartwarming adventure for everyone.

Guided Tours

Embark on a tour of our 40-acre ranch and get up close and personal with farm animals of all kinds. Tours are led by our knowledgeable guides, and provide a fun experience for guests of all ages.

Our private guided tours are perfect for group events, or anyone wanting a unique, exclusive experience.

Guided tours last approximates 1.5 – 2 hours from start to finish.

  • Ticket Pricing:
    • 13+ Years Old: $40 each
    • 4-12 Years Old: $30 each
    • 0-3 Years: Always Free
    • *Minimum Charge: $160

Have a large group?
We can’t wait to have your large group come visit Hawk Ranch! Just click the “book now” button and select your group size to see your group rate!

Large Group Pricing:

  • 20-49 people $20 for 4-17 year olds, and $30 per adult
  • 50-99 people $15 for 4-17 year olds, and $25 per adult
  • 100+ people $15 per person

3 Year old are always free for any group size!

Interactive Farm Animal Tour alpaca

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Interact With Animals from All Over the World

Dorper Sheep


Dorper Sheep, renowned for their exceptional adaptability and meat-producing qualities, are a popular breed among farmers worldwide. Originating in South Africa, these hardy sheep are recognized for their distinctive black head and white body, requiring minimal maintenance and thriving in various climates. Dorpers are prized for their delicious, tender meat and exhibit docile, easy-going temperaments, making them an ideal choice for both experienced and novice farmers alike.

Babydoll Sheep


Babydoll sheep, also known as Ouessant or Olde English Babydoll Southdown sheep, enchant with their adorable appearance and petite size. Originating from the Ouessant Island in France, these diminutive sheep have become popular as pets and lawn mowers due to their gentle nature and compact stature. Babydoll sheep are ideal for small farms and homesteads, as they require minimal space and are easy to handle. Additionally, their wool is highly sought after by fiber enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a charming addition to your pasture or a delightful companion, babydoll sheep are sure to steal your heart with their endearing presence.



Alpacas, native to South America, are captivating camelid animals known for their luxurious and soft fleece, prized by fiber enthusiasts and artisans. With their gentle and curious nature, alpacas make for delightful companions and are easily manageable, even for novice farmers. These social creatures thrive in small groups, enjoying the company of their herd mates. Alpacas are eco-friendly grazers, efficiently utilizing pasture, and have a gentle impact on the land. Whether you’re seeking fiber production, an enchanting addition to your farm, or simply a charming presence to brighten your days, alpacas are sure to bring warmth and joy to your life.



We have three different kinds of goats here at Hawk Ranch: a Boer goat, a Nubian and Boer goat cross, and a Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf goat cross.

Boer goats are the largest of the goat breeds, and originate from South Africa. They are often called “gentle giants.” The Nubian goat originates from the UK and the Boer goat from South Africa. The Nubian is popular for its milk and the Boer goat is popular for its meat. Nigerian Dwarf goats originate from Africa, and are known for their small size and sweet temperaments.

Kunekune Pigs


Kunekune pigs, originating from New Zealand, are small, friendly, and docile pigs that have become increasingly popular as pets and livestock. Known for their distinctive appearance, including a round, stout body and tassels hanging from their cheeks, Kunekune pigs are easily recognized. They are primarily grazers, thriving on pasture-based diets, and require less space compared to traditional pig breeds. With their gentle nature and manageable size, Kunekune pigs make delightful companions for small farms, homesteads, and pet owners seeking an affectionate and easy-to-handle swine breed.

Farm Animal Tour potbelly pug


Potbelly pigs have become beloved pets worldwide due to their small size and charming personalities. Originating from Southeast Asia, these intelligent and sociable creatures make fantastic companions for families and individuals alike. Despite their name, potbelly pigs come in various colors and coat patterns. With their friendly nature and manageable size, potbelly pigs have found a special place in the hearts of many as delightful indoor or outdoor pets, providing endless joy and companionship.



Miniature Jersey cows, originating from England, captivate with their compact size and endearing features. These pint-sized bovines are beloved for their gentle disposition, making them ideal for hobby farms and small homesteads. Despite their diminutive stature, miniature Jerseys produce rich, creamy milk that’s prized for its high butterfat content, making them an excellent choice for dairy enthusiasts. With their low maintenance requirements and efficient grazing habits, these lovable cows are a perfect fit for those seeking sustainable milk production and a charming addition to their farm or ranch.

Friesian Horse


Friesian horses, originating from the Netherlands, exude elegance and beauty with their sleek black coats and long, flowing manes. Renowned for their stunning appearance and graceful movements, Friesians have a long history dating back to medieval times. Today, these majestic equines are cherished for their versatility, excelling in dressage, driving, and pleasure riding. Friesians possess a friendly and docile temperament, making them wonderful companions and reliable partners for riders of all levels.


Miniature horses, enchanting with their pint-sized proportions, have become popular as adorable and gentle companions worldwide. Despite their small stature, they share many traits with their larger equine counterparts, exhibiting intelligence, curiosity, and a friendly demeanor. Originally bred for aristocracy and nobility in Europe, miniature horses are now cherished as therapy animals, guide animals for the visually impaired, and cherished pets. With their sweet nature and endearing appearance, miniature horses make a delightful addition to any family or farm, bringing joy and charm wherever they go.



Peafowl, known for their extravagant and iridescent plumage, are stunning birds native to South Asia. The male, called a peacock, displays a mesmerizing tail adorned with vibrant “eyespots” during courtship displays. The female, known as a peahen, exhibits a more subdued appearance. Peafowl are social birds, often found in flocks, and thrive in diverse habitats, from forests to farmlands. Renowned for their regal beauty, peafowl have been cherished as ornamental birds in gardens and parks for centuries.


The broad breasted Turkey also known as the Heritage Turkey originated from North and South America. These birds are gorgeous, with our male turkey having a blue face and red face, and stunning white feathers. We also have 3 additional turkeys known as the Black Norfolk turkeys from Europe. All three of these turkeys are quite friendly.

The turkeys are always a favorite of visitors to our farm. If you say “gobble gobble” to the turkeys, they will say “gobble gobble” back to you!


Our chickens are all Easter-laying hens that originated from Chile. They are called Easter-laying hens because they lay colored eggs that look much like Easter eggs. All their eggs are light pastel colors such as light blue, yellow, pink, peach, turquoise and light green. Some of the eggs have speckles on them too. We have raised them since they were little yellow fuzzy baby chicks.

Pekin Ducks


Pekin ducks, hailing from China, are delightful and sociable waterfowl cherished for their friendly personalities and adorable appearance. These domestic ducks boast snowy white plumage and orange bills, standing out with their endearing waddle. Pekin ducks are known for their excellent egg-laying capabilities, making them popular among backyard poultry keepers. With their easy-going nature and adaptability to various environments, Pekin ducks make wonderful additions to small farms, homesteads, and urban settings.

Great Pyrenees


Max is a 10-year-old Great Pyrenees. Originating from the Pyrenees Mountains in France, Great Pyrenees are majestic and noble guardian dogs known for their loyalty and protective instincts. These gentle giants have historically been used to guard livestock, particularly sheep, from predators. Despite their size, they are calm, patient, and affectionate with their families. While their independent nature requires consistent training and socialization, Great Pyrenees make devoted companions and excel as watchful protectors of their homes and loved ones.

Australian Kelpies


Meet Kato and Ender, the dynamic duo of Australian Kelpies—highly skilled working ranch dogs, perfect for herding and corralling sheep. With boundless energy and an incredibly high IQ, they tirelessly commit to completing any task. As loyal, eager, and obedient companions, these brothers have been by our side since they were eight weeks old and are now four years old. Originating from Australia, this breed possesses unlimited stamina and thrives when kept busy and engaged in their daily activities.

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When You Arrive

Address: 42149 Elm Street, Murrieta, CA 92562 (Only minutes from the freeway)

Parking: Proceed through the gate, and you will find a dirt parking lot on the left.

Where to Start: Check-in at the office near the parking lot, where tours will begin.

Restrooms: Port-a-Potties and wash stations are available.

Food & Drink: No outside food is allowed, but be sure to bring bottled water!

ADA Accessibility: Trails may be difficult for some. Please get in touch with us for more details and to inquire about any required accommodations.


Farm and animal tours at Hawk ranch include experiences like petting and feeding goats.

“Hi Jeff. Just wanted to say thank you for taking a couple hours out of your day yesterday to show us your incredible ranch.  We had a fantastic time and Hazel is still talking about how much fun she had… It was a fantastic way to start the Memorial Day weekend and we really appreciate you spending the morning with us.” – Kev Hashas

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