Here are some key things to ask or consider when venue shopping. Our venue checklist should help you navigate the process of choosing your perfect location. And with engagement season over having a checklist will help speed you through this process.

Venue Checklist


No. 1 Guest size

Finding out how many people the venues you are considering can accommodate should be the first thing you consider. It will require of course that you have a general idea of your head count.

No. 2 Budget

Guest size and budget go hand in hand and knowing your overall budget is great, But breaking it down to a price per person is even more important and will impact which venue you ultimately book.

No. 3 Ceremony

Do you plan to get married and have your reception at the same location? Asking a venue what their ceremony options are may determine whether or not the venue will work for your wedding.

Venue Checklist

No. 4 Indoor, Outdoor… Both

Is the venue outdoors? What is their rain plan? Can they offer you both if the weather demands? These are important questions to ask especially when considering the season you plan to get married.

No. 5 Catering

Determining if the venues catering options will be another important factor when considering your budget, and the price per person. Some venues work only with approved or onsite catering while other may allow for you to contract independently.

No. 6 Amenities

This can mean room blocks for guests or it can be something as simple as having a space for you and your wedding party to get ready. Figuring out what the venue is able to offer you in terms space for the day of your wedding is great to find out as you shop and not after you fall in love.

Venue Checklist

No. 7 Access

You will absolutely want to find out what kind of access you will have to the venue on the day of your wedding. And knowing how many weddings the venue will host in a single day can be factor in the timing of your access so be sure to ask that question before you tour.

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