Let’s talk about how Private Estates for private events are perfect!

A private estate, by definition, is a privately owned house(s) and supporting grounds (farmland, barns, woods, vineyards, and/or park) that surround the gardens and grounds of a very large property such as a country house, mansion, castle, villa, or group of smaller compounds.

That makes private estates perfect for private events because you get the use of the entire space. Private events include a family reunion or a networking luncheon to a self-help seminar. At Hawk Ranch, we are lucky to be able to offer two separate spaces for these types of events that give our clients lots of flexibility.

Private Events in the Indoor Gallery

Our indoor gallery is great for smaller groups, less than 75. The Gallery has great acoustics, ample lighting, and a cool interior. The indoor gallery is great for small networking groups, or business luncheons. Our gallery can also be beautifully decorated for more unique experiences like bridal showers or momentous birthday celebrations.

Events in the Outdoor Grounds

Our sprawling grounds are perfect for larger gatherings, think anything over 100. In the past, we have hosted fundraisers and benefit concerts, and even team-building events. Having the use of the entire grounds gives our groups tons of flexibility and space to take over.

Private Estates for private events are in high demand with more and more groups looking for the ability to customize and have more freedom to plan their occasions.

If you’re on the hunt for your perfect event location we couldn’t be more excited to be in the running. Warm weather, soft green grass, and delicious food mean that we’re always ready to assist you. Whether you’re looking to head to the country with relatives, or want to host a soiree for important colleagues, we have an unforgettable estate that sure to meet your needs. Get to planning now—everyone will thank you later.

by Alexis Sanabria