It’s the beginning of a new year and many organizations are thinking about how to execute a workshop, seminar, and or a corporate event that builds relationships, provides value, and helps attendees achieve their goals. Let’s talk about what they are and how to execute these kinds of meaningful business events.

Corporate Events Seminar Workshop Workshops

Let’s begin with workshops.

A workshop is defined as a usually brief intensive educational program for a relatively small group of people that focuses especially on techniques and skills in a particular field.

Workshops can be extremely valuable to both the host and the attendees. A workshop often plays a role in goal achievement, meaning attendees want to fulfill a personal or professional level, like learning or improving a skill. Successful marketing of a workshop is often to under promise and over deliver, leaving participants more satisfied than anticipated. Important to the success of a workshop is to make sure your “content” is new or trending, that you are providing one of a kind resources, that you are incorporating technology, and that your workshop feels exclusive.

Corporate Events Seminar Workshop


Seminars are generally done in more of a lecture format. People gather in a classroom like setting and one or two keynote speakers will present information. The presentation should be relevant to the audience’s goals. Hosting a seminar gives you a chance to speak directly with attendees and business owners in detail about your services or product. Hosts have the opportunity to share information and answer questions. It’s important to adequately prepare for these events to make the seminars effective, with visual aids, branded assets, and an open mind.

Corporate Event

Corporate Events can take on many formats, training, awards, team building and more.  And which ever format, companies use corporate events to bring their people together. Allowing teams to develop interpersonal relationships that couldn’t exist inside the structured environment of the office. Ensuring your group feels at ease and has the tools to make the day a success is key. And developing a corporate event that will leave an impression on your team will lead to better outcomes.

Corporate Events Seminar Workshop


Key Takeaways

Here are some big ideas to keep in mind when planning your next workshop, seminar, or corporate event:

  • Make your event fun by choosing cool themes and cutting edge tools and tips.
  • Provide a high-value experience with useful extras and a curated guest list.
  • Foster relationships between participants who can benefit from each other.

No matter what your event strategy is, focus on helping your attendees accomplish their goals and you can’t go wrong.