Figuring out a good hashtag for your wedding can be difficult and if social media will play a role in your big day it’s better to figure it out sooner than later. Here is our guide to a good wedding hashtag.

Creative and Unique are a must for your wedding hashtag!

Something that combines you and your significant other’s, nicknames, interests, etc. example: #bergemerge  #morgangetsmattied #seelythedeal #meetmeatthealterpeter

Be sure it’s an easy search!

Be sure to check out Twitter and Instagram. A quick and easy search will ensure your hashtag has not been taken and is available for you to find these captured moments that you, your friends, and guests will be sharing as this new season of life begins.

Be sure that your hashtag works.

You don’t want to create a hashtag that’s “broken”. An example #Jess&Pat – the “&” literally breaks the flow, whereas #JessandPat will remain together, both figuratively and truly.  Give it a try ahead of time on Twitter or Instagram and you will see what we mean. Adding symbols will break up the hashtag and you will not be able to search for the images.

Share it early!

Using your hashtag early and throughout your wedding process so you can see and be reminded of the moments leading up to the big day. This allows your friends and family to join in on the planning fun and have memories to look back on via social media.

Let your wedding guest know with a sign!

Hashtag signage can be easily overlooked, but is important!  Your signage should be clear, make it fun, and put it in a spot where it can be seen as they enter the scene of your day.  Some great examples to choose from… on your invitation, the bar at cocktail hour, as you’re entering the ceremony or reception, on the cocktail napkin. 

Take advantage of it.

Did you know you can create an album of just these candid moments? That’s right! Services like Chatbooks allow you to search for and print all the photos from your wedding hashtag.