Below we’ll share five ways Private Estates are top contenders for your next event.

When you start the search for the perfect event venue, you can feel overwhelmed with choices. Hotel ballrooms, luxury resorts, wineries, oceanfront, gardens, museums… the list goes on and on, Private Estates give amazing perks over more traditional venue settings.

Think outside the ballroom box.

When considering a hotel you have to think… how many ways can you make a stand hotel ballroom feel specials. At an estate, your guests will experience something original as they enjoy your event surrounded by mature trees, water features, artwork, gardens, rotating views, or under the night sky. Private Estates offer beauty all around, making decor less needed to make the night memorable. with minimal lighting and decor, your guests will still be overwhelmed with sensory experiences.

five ways Private Estates are top contenders

No minimums for food and beverage.

Without minimums raising your overall event cost, you are free to spend your event budget where you want and choose, an option that perfectly suits your event. Without the requirement to use on-site catering, your event has endless options when it comes to dining. Want an In-N-Out truck for a retro diner-style event or authentic ethnic cuisine? No problem– the menu decisions and budget are up to you.

five ways Private Estates are top contenders

Undefined Potential.

Private Estates offer unlimited options, allowing for full creative license to add or change many aspects of the property. Whether you hang ribbons off of a tree or place floating candles in a pool, an Estate venue will provide the perfect backdrop for endless customizations. With the popularity of DIY event decor, hotels can be limiting, especially when it comes to main entrances and public venue space.

five ways Private Estates are top contenders

Just ONE event.

When you pick a popular hotel or public event space you risk getting bumped out of their preferred event space. Multiple events are not uncommon and can cause time restrictions for events before or after yours. Booking with a Private Estate venue, however, will ensure this does not happen as they only book one event per day. With property exclusivity for the day of your event, your chosen Estate truly becomes yours for the day.

five ways Private Estates are top contenders

Completely YOU!

Private Estates give you the ability to use the property as you like. You are guaranteed to have an event that looks unique and is unlike other events at the Estate. Your guests will be amazed by the unique surroundings and the special way you have chosen to use the grounds. With Hawk Ranch as your backdrop, there is no way you will host a “typical” event.

We hope you loved our list of the five ways Private Estates are top contenders for your next event.

by Alexis Sanabria